Who’s Hungry?

I’m hungry. So are my friends. We also happen to be millennials.

We’re a generation focused on following our dreams, taking on new career paths and being dependent on the internet.

We’re also a generation obsessed with food. Whether we eat out too much or are too focused on ingredient lists. Our social media platforms are constantly updated with snaps of perfectly foamed lattes, slow-mo egg yolk bursts and sped-up Tasty videos.

Although we love the nostalgic taste of our parents and grandparents home cooking, actually calling them up would be a drawn-out ordeal. And we would rather choose the alternative of Googling a similar tasting recipe, then sit through forty-five minutes of slightly inaudible, exhausting and endless phone call.

Hungry Millennial is here to supply you with all my favourite recipes, just like my Baba (grandma in Ukrainian) and Lola (grandma in Tagalog – Filipino) used to make.
This blog will also feature shared recipes from some of my friends, their parents, and grandparents. As well as recipes I’ve nabbed off the internet but made my own.
I have over five years experience working as a prep cook and line cook in busy kitchens, and eight years of serving experience plus a lust for cooking Asian food. This blog will bring together flavours I love, ingredients sourced locally (hopefully) and encouragement to my millennial friends to get their phone focused butts into the kitchen.


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