It’s OK to be basic.

Being basic has a bad rap. But when it comes to food, it’s sometimes the way to go. It puts all the indulgent food into perspective. Indulgent grub is a treat, and basic food is necessary to replenish the energy and vitamins  your body uses.

When I say basic, I mean it in terms of the groceries I buy and the day-to-day meals I prepare. As internet savvy, hungry millennials –  we’re tricked into thinking that “Tasty” type meals are just as easy as those one-minute videos beautifully edited together.

It could be that easy, but if you’re like me, you only have one shot at trying with a limited grocery budget. Any mess up, or faults in a recipe can leave you with an overcooked, burnt, or curdled meal.

It has taken a year to build up the basics in my pantry, picking up different spices on every other shopping trip.

If you’re starting fresh – as someone who’s trying to make it on their own or are interested in the ABC’s of cooking and fending for yourself, here is my go-to list that no one could argue with.


Although these are basics that you should focus on collecting in your kitchen. It’s not a complete list, especially since many of the basic comfort foods I make are Asian inspired.

For me, I associate a variety of Asian dishes as warm, comforting, spicy, earthy, with flavours reminiscent of my childhood.


If you’re looking at this list unsure of what these ingredients are – you’re probably not alone.

I’ll be cooking some of my favorite meals using these ingredients over the course of my blogging adventure.



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