Top 3 – Japanese Eats in Winnipeg (that isn’t just sushi)

While Winnipeg sushi isn’t the greatest – there’s a great (western) misconception that sushi is the “it” food of Japan.

Sushi has even become “bastardised” with buffets and burritos. However, we’re not here to hear my complaints.

Trying to find five GOOD Japanese Resturants that have alternatives is difficult in Winnipeg.

My top three are based on the quality of food, price, and service:
3. Izakaya Edokko
In its first month open, this place has done (some) great things. While the prices are steep and the decor is so modern it’s outdated – it has some a few tasty options.
Tuna Poké $8.50
– Diced tuna and avocado with sweet yakiniku sauce. (Very small portion)
Kaki Misonaise$5.50 – One BIG baked oyster with special mayonnaise
Saba No Shio Yaki $8.80 – BBQ mackerel with salt

2. Blufish
Skip the sushi menu, the signature dish section has the goods. There’s a variety of dishes here that’s hard to find on other menus. ALSO – the lunch menu’s got game.
Curry Plate $12-$13 – Mild red curry served with sushi rice, fresh vegetable & special spring roll, choice of chicken, beef or salmon. (Japanese curries are a must try!)

1. Yujiro Japanese
Lunch is where it’s at here. Stick with the specials. And if you still can’t go without sushi, the lunch combos include assorted sashimi or maki.
Saba Misono $17
cooked mackerel with miso sauce, assorted sashimi, and tekka maki 
BBQ Saba Special $16
BBQ mackerel, with assorted sashimi, and tekka maki
Nabekaki Udon $10udon noodles in hot dashi shoyu broth with shrimp tempura, chicken, spinach, fish cake, mushroom & soft boiled egg
Kake Soba $8 – buckwheat noodles in hot dashi shoyu broth with green onions

If you’ve got a suggestion OR your own top three. Let me know!


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