Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking: (RECIPE) BOOK REPORT

Since visiting Korea in 2015, I’ve enjoyed and indulged in Korean food.

My online search for authentic recipes lead me to the Maangchi website. Maangchi doesn’t only provide recipes but videos. Maangchi herself is fun to watch, with great explanations and stories about the food she’s cooking.

On my last birthday, I was gifted with Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking cookbook. In a quick flip, Maangchi provides a range of traditional recipes. These recipes cover appetizers, main dishes, deserts and (the best) side dishes.

While many recipe books can look and sound great, it’s the simplicity of the instructions and outcome of the recipe that proves its greatness.

I’ve cooked quite a few recipes from Maangchi’s book and each one has never disappointed in satisfying my cravings.

People know me, know my adoration for KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) and Maangchi’s recipe takes me back to Korea. It’s a spot on recipe to what you’ll find at the best fried chicken joint.


My other favorites in the book are,
– Cold Noodle Soup (Mul-Naengmyeon)
– Sesame Seed Porridge (Kkeejuk)
– Pork Bone Soup (Gamjatang

While there are a few Korean joints in Winnipeg, my favorites being Kimbaek and Pints Empire – satisfying my cravings means finding following Maanchi’s wonderful cook book.

If you’ve got a book or restaurant recommendation, leave a comment!



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